The group helped me to express feelings that I usually have trouble expressing and it helped me channel these feelings into something constructive.

 S.M., Age 18

I will take from this experience, the ability to trust others. My name for the CARING group would be ‘SUPPORT’ like the beams of a house.


The group helped me a lot. I have never been in a position to express my feelings the way I did. Now it makes me think every day, to recognize and name my feelings and try to sort them out. 

 T.P. (student, age 14)

CARING helped me to learn about how to better relate to my son and learn more about his internal world. I plan to do my part to help him be a good 
son and a good person in Society.

 V.R. (preschool parent)

Using arts to explore myself taught me to work harder and not give up. When I look at a problem now, I see it in another way and find there are other solutions.

 K.L. (student, age 16)

In the Adolescent group, the art making opened up conversation as participants hands were busy with color and mediums, which allowed for honest and deep verbalizations about their experiences.

 Art Therapy Intern

CARING allowed me to understand my son and learn how to play with him through music and art. Everything we do now is together. CARING helped my family feel united.

 D.K. (preschool parent)

The group helped me feel more at ease expressing myself and trusting people. The group members listened to me and did not judge me. I had support and love which made me feel safe.

 Expressive Arts Group, HMI Youth Participant

Initially, parents were shy but with each session they became more engaged, as they saw positive changes in their children and witnessed how the children increased their self-expression.

 Harlem Hospital Psychiatry Resident, M.H.