Samuel Dvoskin, MD PS'45

Samuel Dvoskin, MD PS'45

"Including a bequest in my will for a scholarship fund was a natural way to show my appreciation for extraordinary training I received at P&S.  Because I was the beneficiary of a generous scholarship, I established a scholarship fund at P&S in honor of my late wife, Leila.  My bequest will ensure that a fund will continue to provide financial help to worthy students long after I'm gone. You've got to give back some of what you've been privileged to get, or else how do you hope to keep it going?" - Sam Dvoskin, MD PS'45

There are many ways to leave a legacy at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. With a charitable bequest, one of the most popular, it is easy and allows you to retain full use of your gift property throughout your lifetime. 

Your bequest can make a difference in a variety of ways. For example, a bequest to P&S can provide scholarships for deserving students, support a program or department of your choice or support an endowed fund. To leave a lasting legacy to P&S by a bequest:

1. Determine the specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate you would like to give and the area you wish to support

2. See your attorney or modify your will

3. Inform us of your intent so we can acknowledge your generosity and make sure your intentions are understood. We would also be delighted to include you as a member of the 1754 Society, our honorary society for alumni and friends of Columbia who have made future plans for the University through trust, estate, or other future gifts. 

For additional information on bequests or other creative ways contact the Planned Giving office by calling 212.342.2108 or email