Past Transplant Events

Safety and Efficacy of SARS-CoV2 Vaccines for Immunocompromised Patients

Our amazing transplant experts were recently hosted by NewYork-Presbyterian to discuss recent studies on how the SARS-CoV2 vaccines effect immunocompromised adults and what is on the horizon for children, as well as how families and communities can best protect their loved ones as schools and public spaces reopen.

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Transplant Forum Panel
COVID-19, the Vaccine & Transplant Health


On April 14, 2021, The Transplant Forum hosted a panel with Columbia faculty to discuss the effects of COVID-19 and the vaccine on transplant patients. The panelists answered questions and provided the latest updates on research and clinical implications for lung, liver, kidney, and heart transplant patients, and for both pediatric and adult patients.

We appreciate your time and interest in this important and rapidly-changing area of medicine. As the Transplant Forum continues to raise awareness and funding for transplantation research across all organ disciplines, your support is needed more than ever.

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Transplant Talks - September 23, 2021


On September 23rd, Drs. Adam Griesemer and Mercedes Martinez shared the latest on their research focused on improving care and outcomes for patients post pediatric liver transplantation, and addressed important questions related to Covid-19, the vaccine, and pediatric transplant patients.

Transplant Forum Panel - October 20th, 2020

The Effects of COVID-19 on Transplant Research and Care 

Thank you to those who were able to join us on October 20th for the Transplant Forum virtual panel discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the transplant community. If you were unable to attend the event, or would like to view it again, be sure to check out a recording of the virtual panel below.