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Transplant Talks: The Future Without Immunosuppression

Please join us for Transplant Talks: The Future Without Immunosuppression to hear about Columbia’s recent progress in this area and its implications on transplant medicine.

A Conversation With:

David J. Cohen, MD
Daniel Midler and John A. Catsimatidis Professor of Nephrology (in Medicine)
Medical Director Emeritus, Kidney Transplantation

Joshua Weiner, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Surgical Director, Intestine Rehabilitation and Transplantation
Principal Investigator, Columbia Center for Translational Immunology

Moderated By:

Jean C. Emond, MD
Thomas S. Zimmer Professor of Surgery
Vice Chair, Department of Surgery
Chief of Transplantation

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Alive at 65: Three-time Transplant Recipient Jerry Cahill Appreciates Every Day

Jerry’s survival depended on a kidney-liver double transplant, and recovery wouldn’t be easy. But his indomitable spirit convinced doctors that it was worth the risk.

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Three New Organs, One New Life

One year after undergoing a 23-hour triple transplant that gave him two new lungs, a liver, and a kidney, 25-year-old Raymond Fermin says, “I wake up every day feeling grateful that I’m still here and that I can breathe now.”

There was a time when Raymond had to witness life from the sidelines. Born with an aggressive form of cystic fibrosis — a genetic disorder that affects the lungs, pancreas, and other organs — Raymond started experiencing trouble breathing as a teenager. By age 23, cystic fibrosis had ravaged Raymond’s body, causing multiorgan failure and leaving him with limited breathing capacity, recurrent lung infections, cirrhosis in his liver, and advanced kidney disease that led to dialysis.

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