About the Babies Heart Fund

Babies Heart Fund

The Babies Heart Fund is devoted to supporting vital research and clinical care initiatives to improve the lives of babies, children, and adolescents with complex heart conditions.  The funds raised bythe Babies Heart Fund will be used to support the work of Columbia’s Physician-Scientists.

The Babies Heart Fund was founded in 1986 by a few dedicated family members. The families were so touched by the level of care and humanity they received at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) when their children needed it most, they wanted to find a way to give back and help the Division of Pediatric Cardiology.

Over the last three decades the Babies Heart Fund has made life-saving research possible by funding Columbia’s pediatric heart disease research programs, ultimately in pursuit of a cure. This research helps to ensure that all families can benefit from new, safer interventions to give infants and children long, healthy lives.

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