Steven Young, DDS, OMS '99DM

A desire to give back to the College of Dental Medicine

October 29, 2021

Steven Young, DMD, an oral surgeon, graduated from the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 1999. He and his wife, who attended the School of Social Work, chose to give back to Columbia by creating a Charitable Remainder Unitrust. When asked about his time as a student at the CDM, he explained, “I loved the people there. I had great instructors. They were always available and you know, looking to help us. I made a lot of lifelong friends while I was there.”

Dr. Young decided how he would contribute to his alma mater after reading online. He says, “I was doing a little research, through Columbia's website, just researching different options for giving back, and this one, in particular, struck me as being very interesting because it sounded like it was a win-win type of situation. The main thing is to give back and to express my gratitude for Columbia giving me the ability to do what I love and to be able to make a good living. This vehicle also allows me to get a lifetime income stream. It's like an annuity, which can grow over time, which is amazing. I also get an immediate tax benefit, and lastly, when the payment request is finally transferred, it has the potential to make a bigger impact because it's growing during our lifetime. So potentially it could be a sizable amount that can fund a scholarship or something along those lines.”

When asked if he would recommend creating a Charitable Remainder Unitrust to other CDM alumni, Dr. Young said, “One hundred percent. It feels like I'm growing something that will hopefully make an impact.”